Born in Shizuoka, Japan, KAZUMASA ODA studied architectural/interior design at Parsons School of Design in New York and has worked in corporate and residential design for more than three decades. While traveling throughout Europe, he started sketching. This eventually developed into drawing pen and pencil architectural buildings. Kaz began watercolor painting 12 years ago and has studied at Silvermine School of Art and, more recently, the Rowayton Art Center. His work has been exhibited in Tokyo and in various local shows in Connecticut. His work received numerous awards including many first prizes in art shows.

Kaz chronicles his journey into two art mediums thus:

My art took a new direction when I moved to Bridgeport, Connecticut. With my architectural background, I am naturally attracted to the old New England industrial factories, beautiful historical homes and other unique buildings. I also developed an interest in local nature scenes that express the quiet serenity and beauty of the landscapes and beaches, of which New England has in abundance. I began by using watercolor to capture and express my subject matters, because I found watercolor a fluid medium that evokes a spontaneous and natural mood.

Subsequently, I added oil paintings to my repertoire. I enjoy the rich, luxurious feel of the oil on the canvas, and the solid permanence and depth of the medium. Oil painting allows for keen illumination of detail, as well as stunning dark/light contrast. I have applied my oil painting skills to beautiful landscapes, including those of Ireland and Maine. Oil paintings stand the test of time well and will stay solid through the passing years better than other art medium. I have been commissioned to paint a number of paintings for clients in both oil and watercolor depicting their favorite landscapes and homes.


Ink & Watercolor